Privatix network

Disclaimer for Agents

The FAQ for Agents
The Privatix Network is 100% autonomous, decentralized and permissionless. There is no way for any third party to intervene in any operation.
Two fundamental actors within Privatix Network are :
  • Exit node operators / Agents
  • Bandwidth consumers / Clients
Anyone can be a Client. Therefore, the main concern of Agents is that they may find themselves accused of improper activity made from their IP-address by someone else.
This FAQ aims to cover all related questions regarding this topic.
NOTE: This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Our goal is to provide a general description of the legal issues in the countries with developed institutions and not 3th world countries when “rule of law” is absent. Different factual situations and different legal jurisdictions will result in different answers to a number of questions. Therefore, please do you own research or get legal advice in your jurisdiction.

How can an Agent (Exit node) IP-address be compromised exactly?

Because any Client which accepts the Agents offering may forward traffic through his internet connection. The IP-address of the Agent can be traced back very easily.
No doubt, that statistically, there is some chance that Clients will use Agents bandwidth for illegal purpose, but we believe that these concerns are too much exaggerated.
The main reason for our belief is that there is no way to prove illegal activity just by tracing back IP. From a legal point of view the IP-address itself isn’t a proof of illegal activity.
Legally, many companies using people’s bandwidth on a worldwide scale and a large portion of worldwide computers is infected by malware as well. And still, there is no evidence of someone going to jail because of someone else used his IP-address.

Can Privatix Network team promise that I won't get in trouble for running the software as an Agent?

No. All new technologies create legal uncertainties, and Core software is no exception. We cannot guarantee that you will never face any legal liability as a result of running an Agent or a Client.

What can happen If someone will use my Exit node for torrenting ?

In some countries, you can get fines for sharing torrents. There is no way in current Core software to limit torrent protocol in Agent software.
We’re working on the “torrent block option” for the next versions, but If you have a concern about this issue right now, we advise you to avoid running the node in your country.

How can I help to investigate illegal activity of Clients who used my Agent ?

You can download all the sessions history from the software. It includes timestamps and IP-address of each of connected Clients.

Has anyone ever been sued or prosecuted for being an Agent?

No, we aren't aware of anyone being sued or prosecuted for running Core software as an Agent.