How to buy VPN service
in Advanced mode
To start using VPN services, you should install Pivatix Core software in Client mode. Follow the wizard's instructions to create account and load your balance with PRIX /ETH tokens in order to pay for the services across Privatix Network.
Please note, when you accept VPN offering, the selected amount of PRIX tokens from Marketplace balance will be deposited as Escrow. PRIX will be automatically returned from Escrow to your Marketplace balance when the VPN offering will be normally closed or manually terminated from the History menu.
ETH is used to cover GAS costs for blockchain transactions.

Login to Privatix

Now you can see all available offerings. Use filters to select the VPN services you are interested in.

On "Available" column you can see which offerings are available after the check.

If connection is succesfull, the Service status will be changed to active

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On this page
Open the Privatix Client application in Advanced mode
Select "VPN list" from the menu.
Click on Hash to review the offering:
Decide how much PRIX you want to deposit on this service and click "Accept".
Wait until the offering is synchronized
Click "Connect" to start using VPN.