Privatix network

How to run a node

Agent guide
To run a Node, you should install Pivatix Core software in Agent mode and publish an offering on the marketplace. Follow the wizard's instructions to create account and load your balance with PRIX /ETH tokens in order to provide the services across Privatix Network.
Please note, to publish an offering you should have a certain amount of PRIX and ETH on your balance. PRIX is required for Escrow and is calculated according to the offering you are placing. ETH is used to cover GAS costs for blockchain transactions.

Open the Privatix Agent application

Press "Create an offering" button from the Dashboard or in the Offerings page:

Fill the offering

More information about offerings fields see at Offering template scheme fields.

Press "Create and Publish" button

Ensure you have enough funds to lock the deposit.
About Payments: Payments
After that, your offering has been created and starting to publishing:
After all necessary operations have been completed, you'll see your offering with "Registered" status:
Now you're ready to sell bandwidth.
Do not forget to configure port forwarding if necessary, otherwise your service offering will not work properly.
Check our guide: How to open ports