Requirements for Agent and Client

System requirements

Supported OS

  • All LTS Desktop Ubuntu from 18.04

  • Debian 8 Desktop

  • Debian 9 Desktop

  • Windows 10+

  • macOS 10.13: High Sierra +

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: 2 cores

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Disk space: 500 GB

Installation process

  1. Download the appropriate version that depends on your OS from:

  2. Install the application


You can install the application as:

  • Client (consumer)

  • Agent (provider)

During the installation process, you can choose a role that you wish to set. You cannot change role afterwards.

Is there a minimum required upload speed/latency for running a node?

Any computer can likely handle the node running if it has a decent and reliable Internet connection.

The core software is not even theoretically capable of ensuring quality of service (QoS) in a decentralized P2P network.

The way to tackle QoS issues in Core is only through the Rating system. In case the quality of service will be low ( latency, speed, availability, etc.) - it will affect the Rating