Privatix network

What is Simple and Advanced client modes

The Privatix Client is an application for accessing decentralized (blockchain) services on the Privatix Network. Initially, the Client has a large number of displayed settings and details to choose from (Advanced mode), but in order to make it more user-friendly, we have created a simplified version of the interface and called it the "Simple mode".

The Core software has two main parts:

  1. 1.
    Agent - software which allows to share/sell bandwidth. It may also be named as Exit node, Service provider etc.
  2. 2.
    Client - software which allows to buy bandwidth from Agents.
The main purpose of Core software is to be a building block for future development and keep it decentralized and autonomous according to our vision.
Therefore, the Agent's and Client's user interface looks like a spacecraft panel and has no intention of attracting the ordinary user's attention.
The main targeted auditories for Core software are developers and tech-savvy users.
However, the team created a Simple mode for the Client software to allow more users to try it like a regular VPN service.
But even if the user interface in Simple mode is very similar to a regular VPN client, it has all the features of the Core software. You can switch between Simple and Advanced modes with a single click to feel the difference.
Advanced Mode of Privatix Client

The top features of Simple mode are :

  • Find all offers in all available countries
  • Make all the magic of Market/Escrow/Account transfers in background
  • Connect and disconnect VPN in an easy way
  • Avoid the complexity of Advanced mode
Simple mode of Privatix Client
Please note : Simple mode is still in Beta and should be used at your own risk. The prices for traffic may vary and it can influence the effective (real) traffic costs. Please check this article regarding price formation.