Privatix network

Privatix core

Privatix Network

Privatix Network is a platform for buying and selling various services. Any service that can be measured on seller's and buyer's side, using single parameter, might be bought and sold via Privatix Network without 3rd party. There is no escrow party, that can decide, if service was provided or consumed. Instead service is sold and paid in such small portion, that risk for misbehavior considered neglectable.

Privatix Network developers

Privatix Network developer team is developing:
  • Privatix core software and protocol that others may use to rapidly develop application on top of it.
  • Proof of concept DApps built on the top of this platform that focused solely on internet bandwidth products.

Use case example

VPN provider start selling access to VPN using Privatix Network. He publishes his offering with custom pricing. Service is automatically provisioned and access granted, when Client places deposit. Client pays for every 10 MB of traffic. Payments automated based on consumption. Service access is granted and denied based on billing results. Full service cycle is automated and doesn't require manual operation.

Benefits for buyer

  • One stop shop for various services
  • No upfront subscriptions
  • No need to trust provider
  • No credit card
  • Real "pay as you go"
  • Anonymous offering browsing

Benefits for seller

  • 100% payment guarantee
  • No chargebacks
  • Zero software cost
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built-in and automatic billing
  • Anonymous offering publishing
  • Support for selling multiple services
  • Support for multiple servers serving single service


  • 100% decentralized (P2P)
  • Cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Manageable via GUI or API
  • Expandable with new services
  • Payments via blockchain
  • 100% open source and auditable

Seller features

  • Bootstrap access to service for each order
  • Control service usage
  • Verify payments made in-time
  • Suspend access, if payment wasn't received in-time
  • Resume access, if payment cleared
  • Terminate service, if no usage for a long time registered
  • Terminate service, if payment reached maximum deposit, placed by client
  • Make all transaction in blockchain, after service termination, taking all earned funds from deposit
  • Respond automatically, if client opens dispute, claiming his deposit back, when some funds were already earned
  • Increase deposit, while using to extend possible service usage
  • Monitor and operate several blockchain balances

Buyer features

  • Register service usage and show statistics
  • Automatic payments for each portion of service usage
  • Terminate service, if max. deposit is reached
  • Terminate service, if was terminated on Agent side
  • Monitor and operate several blockchain balances
  • Start or Pause 3rd party software service directly from Privatix GUI
  • Show seller rating, that is based on seller's trading history