Ethereum monitor
Ethereum monitor get ethereum events (aka logs) and creates jobs. from two smart contracts:
  • Privatix token contract (PTC)
  • Privatix service contract (PSC)
Each time it queries for events in some blocks range. Received events filtered and corresponding jobs produced based on events signatures (topic[0]) and user role.
Blocks range - is range of ethereum blocks that retrieved in each monitor iteration. Block influenced by:
  • eth.event.lastProcessedBlock (settings)
  • eth.min.confirmations (settings)
  • eth.event.blocklimit (settings)
  • eth.event.freshblocks (settings)
  • BlockMonitor.InitialBlocks (config)
Events filtering and job mapping depends on user role. E.g. Agent only interested in LogOfferingCreated, where his address is found in topic, meaning that his offering succefully included in ethereum block. But Client is interested in all LogOfferingCreated events, as that's how he discovers offerings.
Single monitor iteration will produce number of jobs, that will be added to database in single SQL transaction.
Last modified 3yr ago
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