Update process

GUI periodically checks github releases to find out, if new version was released. It starts form the latest release and iteratively checks for for file versions.txt inside each release.

versions.txt format

"version": "0.19.0",
"osx": {
"minVersion": "0.17.0"
"wind": {
"minVersion": "0.17.0"
"minVersion": "0.17.0"
  • It compares target from settings.json file to OS tag found in versions.txt to decide, if OS is affected in that release.

  • If it is affected it compares release from settings.json file to minVersion in versions.txt to decide, if current version can be updated to that minVersion required by new release.

  • If user chooses to dismiss update, we store in DB dismissed version and do not notify about update till newer version is released.

  • If user chooses to update he is redirected to new github release page.

:point_up: Notes:

  • target is defined during the release delivery

  • target is just a string to compare, thus can be used to describe OS platform plus particular version in single tag. (e.g. "ubuntu18")

settings.json update related fields

"releasesEndpoint": "https://api.github.com/repos/Privatix/privatix/releases",
"platformsEndpoint": "https://github.com/Privatix/privatix/releases/download/${version}/versions.txt",
"updateCheckFreq": 480,
"release": "0.7.0",