Privatix network

Service module

Service module

Service module - is a package that includes templates and software that provides or consume a service.
Service module must be registered in privatix core databaseand make use of Privatix core API to benefit from functionality already provided by Privatix core.


Templates - unique offering and access template
Service module - software that consumes Service API to automate service life-cycle. Can be standalone or communicate with Privatix core on one side and with 3rd party software on another to provide particular service. (e.g. adapter for VPN server / adapter for VPN client)​.

Service API

Agent methods

AuthClient - verifies password for a given client key.
SetProductConfig - sets product configuration for access messages.
StartSession - creates client session.
StopSession - stops client session.
UpdateSession - updates usage for client session

Client methods

GetAccess - returns an access message for a given client key.
StartSession - creates client session.
StopSession - stops client session.
UpdateSession - updates usage for client session


Access service

  1. 1.
    Privatix Core Agent generates credentials on new client order.
  2. 2.
    Client receives those credentials in access message.
  3. 3.
    Client's Service adapter authenticates to Agent's Service adapter and provides those credentials.
  4. 4.
    Service adapter pass credentials to Privatix core Agent using AuthClient passing credentials.
  5. 5.
    Client gained access to service

Update session usage

Call UpdateSession to update current usage. In response service status returned. It can be used to control service access.

Start session

Agent calls StartSession to register start of session
StartSession, when service status "activating"

Stop session

StopSession, when service status "suspending" or "terminating"

Get access message

GetAccess method used to get access message. This message used to get all data needed by 3rd party software to connect to Agent and start using a service (incl. credentials, URLs of services, configuration parameters, etc)

Set product configuration

Service adapter stores service configuration in products database table config field. Service adapter may push some data (usually settings) to core. It will be transferred to Client in access message and get known to client service adapter using GetAccess method.


To make service modules easily added to Privatix core they should comply with Service module conventions. They include some conventions that should be follow to guarantee compatibility and reuse as much as possible functionality of Privatix core.