CLI: Install Privatix Agent Node

Prepare a virtual machine

Minimum system requirements:

  • 2GB of RAM

  • 2 vCPU

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Install Privatix Agent on a virtual machine

Unpack a deb-package

  1. Go to the Privatix's releases page:

  2. Choose the latest release (in this example the latest release is 1.0.1)

  3. Execute the following script

wget &&
sudo dpkg -i privatix_ubuntu_x64_1.0.1_cli.deb

This script will download and unpack the Privatix Network installer to the /opt/privatix_installer folder.

Install the application

To install the application, execute the following script:

cd /opt/privatix_installer
sudo apt-get install python

Create an offering

After the application has been installed, you can create an offering:

Create an account

export DAPP_PASSWORD=your_password
cd /opt/privatix_installer/cli &&

Save your account backup

Backup location: /opt/privatix_installer/autooffer/mainnet/private_key.json

You can use the following script to download the backup:

scp [email protected]:/opt/privatix_installer/autooffer/mainnet/private_key.json ~

Transfer to your account ETH and PRIX

Check that funds have been delivered:


Transfer all PRIX from the Account to the Marketplace


Ensure that PRIX has been transferred to the Marketplace (usually it takes 5-10 min):


Prepare the offering

nano ./offering.json

Publish the offering

python ./offering.json

Ensure that the offering has been published (usually it takes 5-10 min):


Output example (expected status: registered):

Get agent offerings (product_id: 9234b192-e291-4116-a7d5-3c449c15167a, status: ['empty', 'registering', 'registered', 'popping_up', 'popped_up', 'removing', 'removed'], offset: 0, limit: 100)
Ok: <Response [200]>
Hash: 0xda414c689c40b2369840d63755a0b2120252e4a8681851d0398e295c3cd64001
Status: registered
Supply: 30
Current supply: 30
Id: 96a65e42-9828-40f6-b1b9-52cc0424896b

More information about the offer publication at

In case of an error

In case of errors, you can see errors output by executing the following command:

python 60

Where 60 means "Give me all the errors in the last 60 minutes".

Get your earnings

Transfer all tokens from the Marketplace to the Account

export DAPP_PASSWORD=your_password
cd /opt/privatix_installer/cli &&

Wait about 10-15 min and make sure the tokens have been transferred:


Restore your account in any Ethereum wallet (eg MyEtherWallet or Metamask)

How to remove the application

Make sure you have a backup or you have already withdrawn all funds.

To remove the application, execute the following script:

cd /opt/privatix_installer &&
./ &&
sudo apt-get remove privatix